Who is my local fibre company?

To find out who your local fiber company is, you can check the Chorus website if you live in New Zealand. Chorus is the largest provider of fiber infrastructure in the country, and they operate the majority of the fiber network. To check who your local fiber company is:

  1. Go to the Chorus website (www.chorus.co.nz).

  2. Click on the "Check your address" button on the homepage.

  3. Enter your address in the search bar and click "Search."

  4. If your address is covered by the fiber network, you'll see a list of service providers that can offer you fiber services in your area. The list will include the name of your local fiber company.

  5. Alternatively, you can also contact your current broadband provider or contact Fibercity's customer support team, and they will be able to advise you on who your local fiber company is and what services are available in your area.