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Are you frustrated with buffering? Feeling overwhelmed with your smart TV? Let us assist you with our dependable broadband service and genuinely helpful technical support. We're here to listen to your concerns and make your day better.

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Our Services


If this is your only choice. copper still run up to 80-100 down in some area depending how close you are from the Exchange.


  • Up to 30 Mbps VDSL
  • Up to 80 Mbps VDSL
  • Unlimited data
  • BYOM
  • Add a home phone for $10/month

$86.00per month

Fibercity Home

Our most popular residential plan by far with 99% up time.


  • For Residentials
  • Up to 300/100
  • Unlimited Data
  • BYOM
  • Add a home phone for $10/month

$86.00per month

Fibercity Max

Our fastest speeds are ideal for large homes and big families with multiple devices, making it the preferred choice.


  • For Gamers and Streamers
  • Up to 950/400
  • Unlimited data
  • BYOM free remote setup
  • *Add a home phone for $10/month

$99.00per month

Why Fibercity?

Look no further than Fibercity if you're seeking for a dependable and quick broadband service provider in a crowded market. You can stream, download, and upload with ease thanks to the lightning-fast internet speeds provided by our cutting-edge fibre optic equipment.

Say good-bye to slow internet

We are dedicated to provide outstanding customer service in addition to our cutting-edge technologies. From installation to ongoing assistance, every member of our staff is committed to making sure that every client enjoys working with us. At Fibercity, we also think it's important to give our consumers freedom and options. To suit your specific requirements and financial situation, we provide a variety of scalable packages. Regardless of how often you use the internet